All Trades Firestop is proud to be a member of the Hilti
Accredited  Firestop  Specialty Contractor
The HAFSC program includes several elements which ensure that
you get a superior installation over other firestop installers:

- Professional classroom training and accreditation for every installer

- Written tests for code knowledge and UL systems for all foremen

- Random quality control inspections by Hilti firestop specialists

- Direct access to Hilti engineers and testing labs for any issues or          
engineered judgments

Benefits of working with a HAFSC:

- Systems and product solutions backed by one of the leading providers of  
firestop products and systems in the world

- Our purchasing agreements and selection of the lowest cost systems will  
provide you with the most cost effective solution

- Unparalleled technical assistance through Hilti's comprehensive support

- Consistent installation quality, thoroughness, speed, and reliability

- Consistency in type of materials installed

- We have been working with the Hilti team to develop new tested UL
systems for wood frame construction in order to make your firestop  
submittal documentation as accurate and thorough as possible.