Legal Liability
As a builder, the issue of legal liability is very important. It is essential
to make sure that you are doing everything within your power to make
sure your buildings are safe, and to have documentation to prove it.

When a building burns and lawsuits are filed, there are specific things
that the courts look at when determining who is liable:

  • Was the correct firestop system chosen to be installed in the fire
    rated assembly?
  • Were the systems installed according to the manufacturers
    recommended guidelines?
  • Did the builder do his due diligence to supervise the correct
    installation of life safety systems?
  • Does the builder have complete documentation for all of the
    firestop systems in the structure?
  • Are all of the systems installed consistent with the documentation?

All Trades Firestop is your best option for avoiding liability problems in
the future. By hiring a experienced, professional firestop contractor,
you demonstrate an active interest in your building's safety. Trusting
your building's safety to untrained, inexperienced trade labor is very
risky in terms of liability.

We provide a complete submittal package including UL tested firestop
drawings, engineered judgments if necessary, MSDS info, product
information, and compliance certificates. We are fully backed by Hilti
firestop professionals, so any unusual situations can be resolved and

Having multiple brands of materials and multiple installation crews on
your job will turn into a legal nightmare in the event of a disaster. All
Trades Firestop provides you with peace of mind knowing that your
building is sealed correctly and all of your documentation is complete
and in a single file.