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Multifamily & Senior Living
In 2004, over 18% of all structure fires occurred in apartments. Multi-      
story apartment units and senior living facilities can be especially deadly
if not properly firestopped and draftstopped. Smoke and fumes  spread
extremely quickly throughout wood frame buildings. Safe exit routes
and fire rated assemblies are essential to the safety of your buildings.

With All Trades Firestop, you can be confident that the installers of
your fire rated systems are
professionally trained and understand the
importance of correctly installed firestop systems.

Fire caulking in wood frame structures may seem easy, but it is very
easy to do incorrectly.  All Trades Firestop's installers are very thorough
and consistent. We have some of the most experienced firestop crews in
Texas, and you will notice the difference.
Do not trust the safety of your
buildings to untrained, inexperienced laborers!!

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